BREAKING: Airplane crashes into UK car auction

Pic: Sky News
Pic: Sky News

A small jet with four people on board crashed as it attempted to land at Blackbushe Airport in Hampshire this afternoon.

Emergency services are working at the scene after a fire broke out in the car auction site next to the runway where the Phenom 300 jet crashed at 3.09pm.

Details of any casualties are not yet known.

The jet was trying to land, shortly after take-off, when it crashed and burst into flames.

Jenny Cole posted on Facebook: "This is just behind our house - sky is black with smoke. I really hope everyone involved is ok."

Lou Hatton also posted: "My mum and mum in law work there and saw it crash then blow up - lots of car have blown up too. RIP to pilots x"

Arran Bushnell posted on Twitter: "This looks bad. Praying for anyone involved."

In a statement, an airport spokesman said: "Blackbushe Airport confirmed that a Phenom 300 Jet with four persons on board crashed near the end of the runway around 3.09pm while attempting to make a landing.

"The scene was attended by Blackbushe Fire and Rescue within minutes, followed by Hampshire fire, police and ambulance units. Emergency services are currently controlling the scene."

Footage from above the crash site, broadcast on Sky News, showed the immediate aftermath of the incident.

A dark plume of black smoke could be seen twisting into the sky, while an orange-red ball of fire raged below.

The fire appeared to be in the middle of a car park, with vehicles lined up for inspection at the auction site based at the airport.

Debris from the jet could be seen strewn among the dozens of severely damaged cars.

Robert Belcher, a local aviation enthusiast, said he was driving home when he saw a plume of black smoke coming from the site.

He said: "I was passing the airport on my way home and there was a big column of smoke in the air.

"The fire service had closed the road behind me.

"I could see the plume of smoke waving from about five miles away and was hoping it was just a car fire rather than an aircraft accident."

Mr Belcher said he was "shocked" when he discovered that a jet had crashed.

He added: "Apparently the aircraft was landing and just didn't stop.

"At the end of the runway there is a car park because the airport is used for car auctions and it's gone into there.

"I assumed it was cars on fire in the auction yard.

"Local people have said that it was this aircraft which is registered in Saudi Arabia.

"It's been a regular visitor to the airport for a few months.

"The aircraft would hold six people, it's a small jet."

Andrew Thomas, who was paying for a car at the time of impact, said the plane "exploded".

"I saw it when it had just happened, and could see the plane and cars in flames," he told BBC Surrey.

"The plane nosedived into the cars and exploded on impact.

"I have heard from staff here that four people were on the plane."