Boy with Down Syndrome filmed being forced to eat twigs and expose himself

Clip: Gardai have been made aware of the existence of the video
Clip: Gardai have been made aware of the existence of the video

A video which showed a sickening attack on a young boy with Down Syndrome has been removed from Facebook.

A group of teenagers posted the clip, which was allegedly filmed in Carrigaline in County Cork, to the social media site at the weekend. 

It shows the group of youths stuffing twigs and leaves down the vulnerable boy's throat, before allegedly forcing him to expose himself. 

The clip was posted online before the existence of it was made known to Facebook, who subsequently removed it.

Speaking on Cork FM, Karen O’Mahony said she had been made aware of the clip by a 'distraught' mother of a child with autism. 

O'Mahony, who is apart of the Masquerade Ball autism parents' group, told presenters she was distressed and shocked to think a group of teens could do this. 

"She [mother] had come across this post of a teenage group who had stuffed some twigs down a boy with special needs' throat. And he exposed himself. 

"They videoed it and posted it up on Facebook. When she sent it to us we were horrified because we advocate for raising awareness of autism every day."

She said she was shocked to hear that a group of teenagers could be capable of this. She added she showed the clip to her teenage children who were in turn horrified by it. 

"It's very distressing, I have to say. I was really upset yesterday for his family, and for him", O'Mahony said. 

"That family did not deserve that, that child did not deserve that. He is just trying to be part of society, he's trying to do his best. And that could be a huge impact for him going forward.

"I would hope for his sake that he’s not too traumatised - but I think the parents are very, very traumatised."

It is believed the Gardai have been made aware of the video and are investigating. However, no formal complaint has been made. 

If anybody has information regarding the issue they are asked to contact Gardai.