Bomb squad at scene of suspicious package at LGBT offices in Dublin

Emergency services at the scene in Dublin (Twitter: GLEN)
Emergency services at the scene in Dublin (Twitter: GLEN)

Emergency services were this morning deployed to the scene of a suspicious package which was delivered to the offices of an LGBT advocacy group.

Update: 15.35: 

A staff member told “One of our staff members received a package this morning with blue powder in it and a letter saying “goodbye”. That’s all that was written on it.”

“There are a few of us here. It was addressed to the office and it’s on the desk where it was opened. And we’re all in a separate contained office.”

“It arrived in the morning post today at around 9.30am. The fire brigade arrived within an hour. It had to be escalated then, detectives arrived, and it was escalated then.”

“She did get a fright. She is fine. But until [danger] is ruled out, it is a bit frightening,” another staff member said. “Our concern is the safety is of all members of staff.”

“We have no reason to believe we're in any way unsafe,” GLEN said, tweeting its thanks to Dublin Fire Brigade for a 'stellar' response.

Firemen in hazmat suits cordoned off the area at Upper Exchange Street on the south side of the city after the alert. 

The bomb squad has arrived at the scene of the offices of GLEN and the area has been cleared. 

It is understood the suspicious package was opened and a blue powder was found inside, reports suggest. 

It is thought the package was delivered by hand as there was no stamp accompanying it. 

The group said their members were all safe on Twitter.