Black Friday leads to fights and chaos in Northern Ireland

Black Friday: Chaos in Enniskillen
Black Friday: Chaos in Enniskillen
Nuala Ferris: Broken arm last year
Nuala Ferris: Broken arm last year

BLACK Friday caused chaos in Northern Ireland this morning with fights breaking out as customers battled for bargains.

The day originated in the US where retailers offer large discounts on products on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

The sales event has led to a number of deaths in US stores as greedy shoppers trample on each other in search of a bargain.

This year retailers have brought it to Ireland and the UK. 

A number of videos of fights and violent behaviour in Northern Ireland have been uploaded to the internet this morning.

Several stores opened at midnight and some customers fought with each other as they attempted to get their hands on a bargain.

Footage has also emerged of a Black Friday event in a Tesco in Craigavon which shows customers fighting over goods.

Another video of a store in Enniskillen shows a man violently shove a trolley out of the way as he tries to get his hands on a cut-price TV.

A Tesco spokesman said: "Over 600 Tesco stores across Great Britain and Northern Ireland have Black Friday offers available in store.

"We always take guidance from police authorities on security measures in stores and we’ll work closely with them to make any improvements for next year."

Retailer Asda which experienced trouble at its west Belfast store last year where one woman fell over and was left with a broken arm, said there was no serious issues at it's Northern Irish stores this year. 

Many Irish people have expressed their outrage online over the footage.

Aislinn Malone said: “Sad how materialistic things have become, where's the Christmas spirit here???”

Sebastian Clare said: “Black Friday is madness. Capitalist madness, distilled to a single day of consumerist violence and single-minded greed. It is appalling.”

There have been no reports of violence at any events in the Republic.

However, police were called to supermarkets across the UK due to a number of Black Friday incident.

Police in Manchester arrested three men during disturbances at seven Tesco stores while a woman was injured by a falling television.

In Salford a man was arrested after he threatened to "smash a staff member's face in"

About 200 shoppers refused to leave another store in the Greater Manchester area "despite being told stock had all gone"

A police spokesman said the issues were “totally predictable” and it was “disappointed” by shop security.

 Police were called in a number of other places including Dundee, Glasgow, Cardiff and London.