Belfast bin collection info leaflets 'dumped in a skip'

Many full bins were left out on the street
Many full bins were left out on the street

Hundreds of letters notifying people of changes to their bin collections have been found in a Belfast skip.

Around 40% of people in one area of the city were left unaware that their bin collection day had changed. 

Speaking to the BBC, a Belfast City Council representative said that the mistake was due to "human error" and confirmed that many of the letters have been found "dumped in a skip".

Nigel Grimshaw of Belfast City Council told Radio Ulster's Stephen Nolan show: "I need to apologise to the residents of Belfast. The level of disruption has been much more significant than anticipated."

Around 160,000 leaflets were due to be sent out by Belfast City Council to notify residents of the change, however many people reported that they had not received the information or that information they had received was incorrect.

Some residents are said to be facing a three-week wait until they can get their bins collected. 

In a statement, a council spokesperson said: “The letters were issued on week beginning 19 September, through a third party mail delivery supplier and following complaints we are now reviewing the deliveries with this contractor.

“We apologise to residents who may feel ill-informed and we are aware that some households will have a three-week wait for their next collection.

“Therefore, as part of our planning we have made provision so that all residents may present rubbish bags alongside bins with their first general waste collections. Additional recycling materials can also be taken to the nearest household recycling centre.”