Barack Obama set for second visit to Ireland

Barack Obama set for second visit to Ireland

US President Barack Obama will be heading to Ireland one more time before his presidency ends.

The Star reports that Obama intends to be the first US President to spend St Patrick’s Day in Ireland and that his team are already looking at options for his return.

Mr Obama’s eighth cousin, Moneygall man Henry Healy confirmed that talks are underway for the visit.

“When we were over in Washington in March, President Obama’s chief speechwriter Cody Keenan said the President was interested in coming back to Ireland before his Presidency ends.

“He said part of the plan would for the President to speak in Galway like his predecessor John F Kennedy did back in 1963.”

“To have the US President here in Ireland celebrating with us and being presented with the shamrock here on Irish soil, would be totally new and it would capture the imagination of all of the Irish in the US,” said the Moneygall man.