Claims that bankrupt developer Sean Dunne is STILL building luxury projects in US

Sean Dunne
Sean Dunne

Irish developer Sean Dunne is currently involved in a $14m construction project in the US it is believed.

Richard Coan, a bankruptcy trustee,  applied to a court seeking to get back millions of euro in assets Dunne is alleged to have "fraudulently transferred" to his wife, according to reports on

Coan claims that Dunne is using companies registered in his wife Gayle Killilea’s name to conduct business – even though he is nearly €700m in debt.

"Despite his bankruptcy, his lifestyle remains virtually unimpaired, with Mr Dunne continuing his property development business unabated, living in multi-million dollar mansions in Greenwich, Connecticut and travelling around the world," Coan said.

Another home Dunne is alleged to have built is also on the market for $5m – but he is expected to contest the allegations.

If the action is successful, Coan would be able to pursue properties and the proceeds of property sales involving his wife, as several property deals conducted in Ms Killilea's name were actually controlled by her husband, Mr Coan claimed.

“He picked up where he left off in Ireland, but camouflaged his interest in the name of Killilea,” he claimed.

The Dunnes’ legal team are expected to file responses denying the claims.