Back-street 'doctor' faces jail after penis enlargement op killed a man

Kasia Rivera
Kasia Rivera

A woman with no medical training or licence to practice medicine faces jail time after she gave a man a silicone injection to enlarge his penis, an action that resulted in the man's death.

Kasia Rivera pleaded guitly to the reckless manslaughter of 22-year-old Justin Street in May 2011 in a court in New Jersey.

She now faces a five-year sentence for the crime as well as deportation to her native Jamaica once the sentence is completed.

Rivera, 38, admitted to hosting a 'pumping party' where she injected silicone directly into Street's penis.

The substance entered his bloodstream, causing organ failure and he died the day after the injection.

Rivera was also charged with possession of a stun gun and with injecting silicone into a woman's breasts and buttocks on four occassions but these were dropped following her guilty plea regarding Street's death.

With time served, Rivera will spend just over four years in jail but formal sentencing won't be held until next month.