Baby girl born on migrant rescue boat yesterday

Migrants crowded on a boat
Migrants crowded on a boat

A baby girl was born aboard a rescue boat in the Mediterranean Sea as Italian Coast Guard and Navy ships take migrants by the thousands to the country's southern ports.

In the three-day period ending on Sunday, 6,771 survivors were rescued at sea north of Libya from overcrowded rubber dinghies and unseaworthy fishing boats used by Libya-based smugglers, according to a Coast Guard tally reported today.

Ten bodies were found on Sunday on boats or in the sea.

Calm seas and mild temperatures brought the rise in arrivals. The relentless flood of migrants this year is on track to surpass the 170,000 rescued at sea by Italy in 2014.

The Navy said a woman, in labour when rescued on Sunday, gave birth aboard a patrol ship. Mother and daughter are well.