Authorities say a terrorist attack is "possible but not likely"

Gardai say they are communicating with security partners in Europe
Gardai say they are communicating with security partners in Europe

Gardai say they have been in contact with European security partners to assess any implications the Paris terror attacks could have for Ireland.

In a statement released today, gardai said the perceived threat at the moment remains possible but unlikely. 

"Since the tragic events in Paris on Friday evening, An Garda Síochána have been in close contact with our French and other close security partners to assess any implications for Ireland flowing from these events," the statement reads. 

"Since these events, An Garda Síochána has conducted an intelligence assessment review and on Saturday the Commissioner briefed the National Security Committee and the Minister for Justice and Equality of our threat assessment.

"As indicated by the Minister for Justice & Equality yesterday, the threat level in this jurisdiction remains unchanged and the threat environment in this jurisdiction at the moment can be described as one where "an attack is possible but not likely”.

Gardai added they will keep under review the ongoing situation in France and elsewhere. 

They added they will "ensure that Garda resources are deployed in a manner commensurate with the current security situation.

"The level of threat will be kept under constant review by An Garda Síochána in light of the ongoing developments. All appropriate measures will be taken in dealing with any threats however, for security reasons it is not appropriate to outline the detail of our operational responses. 

"Of course, this is an international problem and a key element in dealing with these threats is good intelligence sharing internationally. An Garda Síochána co-operates very closely with our EU and other international security and intelligence counterparts in responding to these threats."

Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan, said he was confident both the army and the gardai were well placed to deal with potential threats.

"We have Garda intelligence and we have army intelligence feeding information in. The gardai and the army in Ireland have a quiet lot of expertise in this, because it's not so long ago since there was a major bombing campaign in Northern Ireland.

"I'd remind you of Bloody Friday in Belfast, when, in a 45-minute period the Provisional IRA left off 28 bombs all around the city, and killed quiet a number of people, and injured hundreds.

"So, there is expertise in Ireland on these widespread terrorist attacks and I'd have confidence in the Gardai and the army to deal with what comes up," he added.

Security measures at the Aviva Stadium have been heightened ahead of tonight's Playoff game against Bosnia & Herzegovina.