August heatwave is on the way

August heatwave is on the way

Ireland is set to finally bask in gloriously hot summer weather, but only for a couple of days.

The south of the country will begin to see the benefits of a warm European weather system from today.

But the whole country will see warm and dry weather from Sunday through to Tuesday, forecasters say, with temperatures set to top 25C in the west.

The return of summer, however, will be brief, as the hot weather will spark thunderstorms on Tuesday night before Atlantic weather systems return to take temperatures back 10 degrees to the mid-teens.

"Sunday and Monday look like the best days of the next week or so," said Met Éireann forecaster Joan Blackburn.

She said a return of warmer weather - if not always dry - would start from today. Only Saturday would be fresher and cooler over the coming days, she said.

Munster and south Leinster will see the best of the sunshine today.

"It is beginning to warm up again and it will be reasonably warm over the next few days," said Blackburn. "Saturday will be fresher and that will break it up again but Sunday and Monday are looking good at this stage.

"Temperatures on Tuesday could potentially be in the low to mid-20s, possibly up to 25C."

But she warned of possible thunderstorms on Tuesday and into Wednesday because of the high temperatures. "Sunday and Monday are looking like the best days over the next week," added the forecaster.

Peter O'Donnell from Irish Weather Online said temperatures would hit 23C on Sunday in hazy sunshine.

It will be around 21C in the south and east on Monday but up to 25C in the west and inland areas of Ulster.

And while temperatures could rise to 26C on Tuesday, those thunderstorms could be widespread by the end of the day.

Mr O'Donnell said Wednesday would be much cooler - with highs of 18C - with showers and thunderstorms.

"The rest of August, according to current guidance, will average near normal or slightly above normal at times for temperature," he said.

"There will be average rainfall amounts, possibly a bit less for the south-east."

Ireland's poor summer weather and extremes has been matched in Scotland, where temperatures in the early hours of yesterday dropped to -3C in the Highlands.

Forecasters there have warned that 100mm of rain could hit western Scotland today, but further south in London it will be 25C and sunny.