Audio: Woman searches for father of her child, who she met in Coppers over a decade ago

Copper Face Jacks
Copper Face Jacks

An Irish woman is trying to find the man with whom she conceived a child after meeting in Copper Face Jacks the night before a big GAA match.

The woman wrote an anonymous letter to the Tubridy Show on 2FM and Ryan read out her plea for help.

So if you were in Coppers on the Friday night before a match between Laois and Armagh on August 2, 2003, the show needs to hear from you.

The woman thinks that the guy's name was Sean, was from Armagh and may have had an earring.

The woman says they went to Bewley's Hotel in Ballsbridge and after their one-night stand she discovered she was pregnant.

The child is now an 11-year-old boy and she just wants to get in touch with the father to let him know about him.

If you have any info, you can get in touch with the show on [email protected]