Attempt to extradite 'Flat Cap' over Regency attack halted

Kevin Murray
Kevin Murray

A court in Belfast has ruled that Kevin Murray cannot be extradited to the Republic to face charges in relation to the Regency Hotel attack last year

Murray, who is accused of being one of the gunmen captured on camera fleeing the Hutch-Kinahan feud-linked murder scene last year, fled back to Northern Ireland after the attack.

After months of walking the streets of Strabane as a free man, PSNI officers arrested him on a European Arrest Warrant, holding him in Maghaberry facing extradition until being released on bail due to ill health.

At an extradition hearing today in Belfast the court heard how Murray's motor neuron disease was now so severe that it would be unjust to send him to the Republic for trial.

The court also heard that Murray, 47, is now completely bed ridden, suffering from breathing difficulties and being fed by a tube. He is also no longer able to speak and has limited use of his arms and legs.

Judge Patrica Smyth in Belfast Recorder's Court said: 'I am satisfied the only appropriate course I can take is to discharge the requested person'.

 However, the judge did add that a fresh extradition attempt by the authorities in the Republic could be made if medical opinion on Murray's condition changes.