Despicable 'Athlone rapist' battered in jail and left with groin injury

Despicable 'Athlone rapist' battered in jail and left with groin injury

The notorious child sex predator known as the ‘Athlone Rapist’ suffered a severe beating in prison this week.

Sources claim he was left nursing a painful groin injury as a result of the attack in the Midlands Prison wing that’s home to the country’s worst sex offenders – including Graham Dwyer.

His attacker was infamous sex killer Mark Lawlor, who is serving life for the murder of a disabled woman in 1993, sources added.

Mark Lawlor

“It looks like he might have tried to twist his testicles off,” claimed a Sunday World source this week.

Lawlor also reportedly rained blows on the man during the fight on the E3 landing before staff could intervene and break up the row.

The Athlone Rapist needed hospital treatment this week following the fight on the protective wing he shares with other prisoners that aren’t allowed to mix with ordinary criminals.

Prison chiefs are currently investigating what caused the sudden flare-up of violence on the normally peaceful landing.

The inmates on E3 prefer to keep the peace rather than face 23-hour lock-up to ensure their safety.

The Athlone Rapist, who can’t be named to protect the identities of his victims, is likely to spend a long time behind bars.

In 2014 he got two life sentences for the horrifying sex attacks he carried out on two girls aged just six and nine years of age.

He had lured the girls away from a children’s birthday party and threatened that he would cut their parents’ throats before repeatedly raping them.

The girls eventually escaped through a window in the flat and ran back to their parents, who had been out looking for them.

The Athlone Rapist’s jail attacker, Lawlor, was a serial burglar now serving life for committing a murder during a 1993 robbery.

The case caused huge controversy at the time when details of the attack came to light.

His victim was a disabled 57-year-old woman and Lawlor used a knife to prise a wedding band from her finger. He also carried out a sexual assault as the woman lay unconscious from the initial attack.

Lawlor was on bail for other offences at the time of the murder, despite having previously been extradited from England.

Both men are detained on a landing in the Midlands Prison that is home to prisoners considered too likely to cause serious problems if allowed to mix among the general population.

Considered manipulative, the prisoners are extremely dangerous and it is difficult to gauge when they are safe to be released.

Among the three dozen prisoners housed on E3 are those who, like 

Dwyer, held down professional jobs and lived in middle-class comfort.

There are those who are the longest-serving prisoners in the State, whose crimes were so terrible, like Lawlor’s, they have served more than 20 years behind bars.

Others are in E3 because the nature of their crime makes them a target of attack by other inmates.