Associate of IRA’s houdini at centre of rape claims

Gerry Adams
Gerry Adams

The IRA man who raped a teenager in his home is closely linked to a notorious Provo who was a close pal of Gerry Adams.

Paudie McGahon told this week how he was raped by the runaway Provo when he was 17 years of age. He had been staying in McGahon’s home in Louth in the 1990s while it was used as an IRA safe house. 

Paudie McGahon

The Provo pervert had strong links to well-known IRA man Larry Marley, a close friend of Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams since early in the Troubles.

Marley, from Ardoyne in Belfast, known as the IRA’s Harry Houdini, was the mastermind behind the audacious 1983 Maze prison escape. 

He was murdered by the UVF in 1987 a few years before the abuse of Mr McGahon. There is no suggestion Marley was involved in any sexual abuse. 

A close associate of Marley is the man Mr McGahon said raped him and another boy in the 1990s. 

Last night it emerged that the abuser also raped another boy in Dublin while left free to roam around the Republic. He is also alleged to have assaulted youngsters in Derry.

And the Sunday World understands he has returned to the country and lived in counties Meath, Louth and Galway without being reported to authorities.

The revelations have sparked another abuse crisis for Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams, who has been accused of not informing the Gardai when he became aware of the abuse in 2009.

In 2002 Mr McGahon told a Sinn Fein representative of the rape. As a result of this he was subjected to an IRA “kangaroo court” along with another alleged victim of Marley’s associate. 

He said the IRA gave him three options. One was that Marley’s associate would be murdered. The other was that his victims would be placed in a room with him and could attack him. The third option was that he would be exiled from Ireland. The victim chose the third option. 

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has called on Gerry Adams to “present himself” to gardai over information his party has on IRA sex abuse cases and ‘kangaroo-court’ style interrogations. Gardai have a file of at least 40 cases of alleged IRA sex abuse never reported to police.

Kenny accused the Sinn Fein leader of having information about the kangaroo courts, the use of safe houses by the IRA and the movement of paedophiles to the Republic. 

Yesterday, during an impromptu press conference in west Belfast, Adams said: ““I think his remarks were despicable. I think he demeans his office. He called upon me to do something, that is go to the Gardai, when he knows clearly that I’ve done that.

“The government haven’t even put together an all island sex offenders list, they are cutting rape crisis centres and advocacy groups.”

Last year the Sunday World revealed that a member suspected of involvement in the murder of ‘the General’ Martin Cahill is on a list of suspected republican paedophiles which has been handed over to gardai. We also disclosed how an IRA paedophile was a leading suspect in the disappearance of student Annie McCarrick.

Paudie McGahon told BBC Spotlight this week that he “got the strength to stand up and be counted” after Mairia Cahill went public last year to say she was raped by an IRA man when she was 16.

He said his attacker threatened to murder him if he told anyone about the abuse. He said he couldn’t go to gardai over the matter. 

“How can you report it to the guards, when you have been threatened to keep your mouth shut? So I hid it all, I hid it all.”