Army corporal who exposed himself to women in Crumlin, NI, says penis 'must have fallen out of shorts'

Jason Richardson at Antrim Court (Pic Pacemaker)
Jason Richardson at Antrim Court (Pic Pacemaker)

This is the Army corporal who told cops his penis "must have fallen out of his shorts" when he indecently exposed himself to three women in Crumlin.

While 30-year-old Jason Richardson made his laughable claims during police questioning, he eventually abandoned them by pleading guilty to three counts of exposure. 

At Antrim Magistrates Court last Tuesday, a prosecuting lawyer described how each incident, on 4 January, 8 February and 8 August last year, were almost identical in that lone females were walking along the road when a black car stopped close to them with the driver asking for directions to the airport. 

The first two both happened on the Mill Road in the middle of the afternoon and the lawyer said while the first victim ran away, Richardson's second victim told the pervert to "put it away."

While both women were able to give cop's a description of the flasher, the second woman managed to get the car's registration number. 

Despite that, it wasn't until after the third incident on the Popular Road last August that police managed to scoop Corporal Richardson. 

The PPS lawyer said that similarly to the previous incidents, the woman was walking along the road when the driver of a black car stopped to ask directions to the airport and when she leaned in to assist, "she had a clear view of the man who had his penis in his right hand...moving his hand in a masturbation motion."

During police interviews Richardson, from Wessex Close in Crumlin, admitted being in the areas at the time of the incidents but denied exposing himself. 

In relation to the third incident, Richardson told cops when he got home that day, he realised his shorts were open so his penis "must have fallen out."

Defence barrister Neil Moore revealed that while Richardson is still "a serving member of the armed forces," his 13 year career with the Army is in severe jeopardy. 

He described that although Richardson had completed tours of duty to Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan, he had never actually seen any front line action, working instead in the postal department but hay his deployment in "what were dangerous areas" had a significant effect on him. 

Since the offences had come to light, said Mr Moore, the Army had "stepped in" and had helped and assisted Richardson in any way they could, helping him through therapy and counselling to ensure "that these offences never happen again."

Richardson's "successful, blemish free" Army career would come to an abrupt end should he receive a prison sentence, whether suspended or immediate, revealed the lawyer adding that a community based disposal would leave his superiors with a decision to make about his fitness for redeployment. 

"I can tell you that he holds the rank of corporal but he will undoubtedly have that rank reduced, whether to Lance Corporal or below, I don't know," said Mr Moore who told the court that Richardson had already paid a heavy price in that his wife, who had been working in their local town, "couldn't remain there" so she had taken herself and their child back to England. 

"He is a man of 30 who had risked everything - his career, his marriage and the likelihood that won't see his son again, all over an urge, an uncharacteristic sexual urge...for which he is deeply remorseful and can I submit in his behalf that he proffers his sincerest apologies to the victims," declared the lawyer. 

Imposing a two year probation order along with 120 hours of Community Service, District Judge Alan White also ordered Richardson to pay each victim £250 as compensation, allowing him six months to pay. 

He told the squaddie while his offences "merit a custodial sentence because of the alarm and distress it caused...I'm always reluctant to send to prion someone with no previous convictions particularly where probation believe that they can address the issues."

Richardson was also ordered to sign the police sex offenders register for five years and was warned by the judge that if there was any repetition "custody would be inevitable."