Armed gardai swoop on man who went 'absolutely berserk' in Dublin

Armed gardai swooped on the man
Armed gardai swooped on the man

HEAVILY armed gardai were called in to arrest a young thug who went “absolutely berserk” in Dublin.

The 24-year-old target of the operation was arrested and brought to Store Street Garda Station where he was being questioned on Sunday night about a chaotic sequence of events on Saturday afternoon. 

The arrested man allegedly threatened to kill a number of gardai and members of the public in a terrifying incident which started when a car was damaged at 1.15pm. 

The garda’s Regional Support Unit (RSU) were called to deal with the bare-chested suspect when he reportedly climbed on top of a building and began throwing roof tiles onto the ground while screaming abuse at officers and bystanders. 

The young man, who spent a number of months in hospital after a serious incident last year, managed to escape and evaded capture until Monday’s planned arrest. 

The hour-long operation involved over 40 gardai who also seized 900 tablets worth just under €2,000 in separate searches. It is understood that officers have been previously threatened by thugs linked to the arrested man. 

“This man was completely out of control on Saturday and that is why, when gardai decided to move in on him 48 hours later, they were taking no chances,” a source said.

“He had been going absolutely berserk and there were genuine concerns for the safety of the public and gardai. 

“The community in that part of the north inner city have had a lot to deal with in recent months and such a heavy duty police presence should act as an assurance to people that gardai are on top of things.” 

The man arrested yesterday is not considered a participant in the bloody gangland feud that has claimed seven lives already, but it is understood that he knows some of the north inner city criminals involved in the gang warfare.