Armed gardai patrolling north Dublin suburb following shootings

Armed gardai patrolling north Dublin suburb following shootings

Extra armed garda units are patrolling a north Dublin suburb after three shooting incidents in the space of just five days.

Sources said there are major concerns that someone will be murdered if shooting incidents continue in Ballymun after two separate gun attacks at the weekend.

These incidents followed a house being shot up in the area in the early hours of last Monday and the Herald has established that all three shooting incidents are bizarrely linked to three separate disputes.

The latest gun attack happened at Gallaun Road in Ballymun shortly after 6.15pm on Saturday, when a black Audi car was damaged after it was shot several times by what is believed to be a handgun.

It is understood that gardai have seized the vehicle and are working on the theory that the shooting happened after a row at a house party.

Just 24 hours earlier, the front door of a house in the Owensilla estate in Ballymun was hit in a shotgun attack on Friday evening. Our photo shows the damage to the door from the shooting, which led to a major garda response after an anonymous emergency call.

Two males on a motorbike were observed fleeing from the Owensilla estate in the aftermath of the shooting, but no arrests have yet been made in the case.

Meanwhile, a Ballymun man has been arrested and released without charge after another house in the locality was shot up at 1am on Monday of last week in an incident which is believed to be linked to an ongoing dispute.

That shooting happened at a property in Balcurris Park when a loud bang was heard at the house by a man who was asleep in the house.

Sources said that it only became apparent that there had been a shooting when the man, who is aged in his 20s, awoke the following morning and discovered bullet holes in his front door and called gardai.

A local man was arrested in relation to this incident last Thursday and brought to Coolock Garda Station, where he was questioned about firearms offences before being released without charge over the weekend.

No one was injured in any of the three shooting incidents in Ballymun last week, but sources said that gardai were "extremely concerned" that three separate disputes in the area had led to these incidents.

"Things are very tense in Ballymun at the moment. More than it has been for over a decade when there was a major feud going on. There is a lot of fear in the local community," a source said.

The three shooting incidents are not linked to a discharge of firearms incident in Ballymun at Marewood Crescent at around 1am on the night of October 30 when another property was shot at.

It is understood that two young men on push bikes were responsible for that attack but there has been no arrests in that case.

Ken Foy