'Anti-pervert' flamethrowers on sale in China

'Anti-pervert' flamethrowers on sale in China

A device that can fire a flame half a metre is being sold in China as a tool for women to fight off unwanted advances from men.

According to the Telegraph, the so called 'anti-pervert weapon' is available on websites where the fact it can fit into a handbag is mentioned.

The devices, which are priced from €11 to €33, are capable of scarring and police in China have warned that such tools are illegal.

However those selling them on websites say that they are legal, as a non-lethal tool.

The Telegraph report that an article on the device in the The Beijing Youth Daily said that some shops were selling 300 a month.

Concerns have been raised that children could hurt themselves if they play with them while there are also fears that owners could set them off accidentally in the handbags.