Anti-bandit windows available for a steal as burglars are shut out

Security: Fairco's Jim Toal speaks to us
Security: Fairco's Jim Toal speaks to us

BURGLARS may seem to be running rife across the country, but they’re coming up against an increasingly prevalent obstacle – bulletproof-style glass and doors.

Anti-bandit windows and doors have soared in demand as householders seek to secure their homes against predatory criminals.
Specialist firm Fairco is so certain burglars will not get through their custom-made doors and windows that it’s prepared to offer €1,000 towards insurance costs in the unlikely event of robbers getting in to your house.
Fairco managing director Jim Toal also reveals that his products are not only popular with security-conscious householders, but even some criminals who are in fear of being attacked.
“The glass is twice as thick on our bandit-proof windows, but it’s also laminated, so it means it’s like a plastic sandwich,” he says.
“It’s like the windscreen of a car. Most suppliers would put in a window like a bus shelter, whereas we put in laminated glass – it will break, but you can’t get through it.
“A regular house with an average of eight windows and two doors might cause €8,000 to kit out. The burglar-proof range is probably €9,000. There’s no point in having this unless people can afford it, so it’s great peace of mind.”
He notes that security has been paramount since his company was formed in 1999.
“It has taken us about a year of testing to bring this to the market. It’s basically the ultimate window, so if you were to design a window from scratch and sit down to engineer a product, this is the result of that engineering,” he stresses.
“We have always specialised in security windows. All our standard windows are enhanced-resistance. It would take five or six minutes of constant abuse to get through the window, whereas this window you can’t get through it. It’s basically bulletproof.
“A human being can’t generate the force required to separate the opening from the frame, it takes six kilotons of energy.
“In essence, you have an outer frame, an opening cache and the glass and, of course, the locks. The glass we put in is high-impact security glass, double- or single-pane. It’s like the windscreen of a car, it will shatter, but it won’t break, so you can’t put your hand in from the outside and open the lock. And we are the only people in Ireland supplying this window,” he insists. 
Even the Gardai have problems getting through his doors on busts and have to use specialised tools to take the door off from its four corners.
“We will pay you €1,000 towards the replacement of a window and we will also pay you up to €1,000 towards your insurance, if the burglar succeeds in getting through. We’ll put our money where our mouth is to guarantee no one will get through.”