Another little Voice for Kelly

Kelly is pregnant - and can't wait
Kelly is pregnant - and can't wait

VOICE of Ireland star Kelly Mongan McDonagh is pregnant with her second child.

The singer caused a sensation when she revealed on the hit show two years ago she was having a child and was heavily pregnant when she sang in the final.

As the live rounds of the latest series kicked off on RTE1 last Sunday, the Cork woman today reveals she is five months pregnant.

And she says the little brother or sister who will join her son Bernie was not planned.

“I was going to wait until after my baby was two – he won’t be two until after May – before I started trying for another one,” the 21-year-old tells the Sunday World.

“Then I was thinking about waiting until after Christmas and the girls [her sisters] had babies. But it happened and I went along with it. I was on the pill. It was my own fault it happened, I missed one or two days, kind of forgetting about it.”

However, she and husband Bernie Snr (20), are thrilled with the upcoming arrival in July.

“Bernie is delighted, he’s over the moon. He wanted one when the baby was five or six months old, but I kept putting it off,” she smiles. “I don’t mind whether I have a boy or a girl, as long as it’s healthy.”

Kelly, who comes from a traveller family, is the second eldest of 10 children, while Bernie Snr is the eldest of four.

The family have been starring in the RTE series Meet The McDonaghs and viewers have seen her sister Kathleen (19), about to become a mum.

Kathleen’s daughter is the latest of a new batch of arrivals in the McDonagh clan, which has kept Bernie Jnr busy.

“When they’re crying he would get their bottle and he would walk over to me and sit down beside them, he loves babies,” Kelly explains.

“My brother is five and Bernie senior’s younger brother is four, so Bernie Jnr plays with them.”

Kelly, who was runner-up to fellow Corkonian Keith Hanley in the 2013 Voice final, and Bernie and their son moved to his home town of Galway last year, but are still living in a caravan

 “The council have done nothing,” she fumes. “We’re living in a caravan in a halting site of houses. Only for Bernie’s mother’s house in a bar we would have no facilities.

“It’s awkward, the council will have to do something for us, and especially as we’re due a second child now. We need a proper home.”

She also gets to see her family in Fermoy regularly.

“We’re up and down to them all the time,” she adds.

Kelly’s career took off for a while in the wake of the Voice, but she admits things have lately dried up.

“I was singing in Navan recently at fundraiser for Ann Buchanan, to send people to Medjugorje,” she explains.

“We’re going there in April, myself, my husband my father and mother. It has been quiet for a while, last summer I had a few things, I hope it picks up. I’d love to bring out a CD, but haven’t had the opportunity yet.”

Kelly still watches the Voice and felt empathy with Helena Bradley Bates, who announced she was pregnant with her fifth child during the current series.

“It kind of brought back memories,” she says. “She’s a brilliant singer and deserved to get through.

“But I was due before the final, I kept it quiet for a long time as I was afraid I might be thrown off.”

Both Kelly and Helana had to confide to their mentor Kian Egan.

“The last I’ve heard from Kian was a year ago, but he’s busy and trying to do his own career. If I need advice, though, I can get in contact with him,” she stresses.