Alexander Pacteau lodges appeal against sentence for Karen Buckley's murder

Killer: Alexander Pacteau
Killer: Alexander Pacteau

Alexander Pacteau, who was convicted of the murder of Irish woman Karen Buckley in Glasgow earlier this year, has lodged an appeal against the 23-year sentence he was handed earlier this month.

"Alexander Pacteau lodged a notice of intention to appeal against sentence on September 16, 2015," a spokesperson for the Judicial Office for Scotland said.

It is understood the challenge will be based on precisely how much consideration the trial judge gave in sentencing to Pacteau's actions after he had bludgeoned the Irish student to death.

Pacteau had 14 days from the day of sentencing to appeal it and it seems he has availed of that offer.

Pacteau was sentenced on September 8 to life in prison, with the additional condition that it would be 23 years before he could even be considered for parole.

At the sentencing hearing, Judge Lady Rae said: "I find it extremely difficult to find words appropriate to describe the dreadful crime to which you pleaded guilty.

"Karen Buckley was a young woman in the prime of life.

"To you she was a stranger who appeared tragically to have accepted a lift in your car.

"Within a matter of minutes, for some inexplicable reason, you destroyed her young life."

The judge said Pacteau had gone to "extraordinary lengths" to conceal what he had done and told a "tissue of lies" to police investigating her disappearance.

The 21-year-old bludgeoned Irish student Karen Buckley to death with a spanner and attempted to dispose of her body in a vat of chemicals, earlier this year.

A major search followed and the 24-year-old nurse’s remains were eventually found in a barrel on farmland outside Glasgow.