Jose Aldo got cosy with a Brazilian model after his face-off with Conor McGregor

Dinner: Aldo asked the Brazilian model out to a restaurant with her friends
Dinner: Aldo asked the Brazilian model out to a restaurant with her friends

CONOR McGregor’s UFC opponent Jose Aldo zoned in on a stunning Brazilian model on Tuesday and asked: “Are you married?”

So smitten was Aldo with beautiful Heloaney Guimares, that he invited her to dinner at a restaurant in Dublin that night and, after wining and dining her and her friends, went clubbing and then asked them back to his hotel.
Aldo – who defends his World Featherweight title against McGregor in Las Vegas on July 11 – showed the Dubliner that he isn’t the only smooth talker in the UFC.
He showed his soft side when chatting to gorgeous Heloaney, who was at the media scrum at the Dublin Convention Centre as an interpreter for local press photographer, Jerry McCarthy.
After stone-facedly answering numerous fight-related questions from local journalists, Aldo’s face broke into a broad smile when Heloaney addressed him in his native Portuguese and asked him if he was aware there were over 10,000 Brazilians in Dublin and would he be happy to fight any return match in Croke Park. 
A beaming Aldo (28), said he would love to, with so much Brazilian support here, and then the clearly smitten fighter swiftly went in for the knockout by asking the blushing interpreter if she was married.
When she confirmed she was single, he asked the photographer to arrange a dinner after the evening fan event and to bring some Dublin-based Brazilian friends.
Business student Heloaney (27) confirmed last night there was mutual attraction between the pair.
But asked did they did they have any ‘hanky panky’, she replied: “I’d rather not comment on that.”
She purred though: “I knew he fancied me straight away at the media event, as in the middle of the interview, he looked to me and asked me in Portuguese, ‘Are you married?’”
Heloaney admits she was surprised at his forwardness, as Aldo is married to a fellow Brazilian MMA star Vivianne Perreira.
“He has beautiful eyes, they’re small and black,” she smiles. “He’s very sexy and has a cute look.”
After a slap-up meal in the Rustic Stone with Aldo, his trainer Alex Chudas and a few Brazilian UFC officials, Heloaney persuaded the normally reserved fighter to sample some Dublin nightlife, and the group retired to the VIP area of Lillie’s Bordello, travelling by rickshaw.
They then returned for a nightcap to the nearby Westbury hotel where the teetotal UFC star was staying. 
“He’s a very sweet, genuine guy,” added Heloaney.