Airplane hijacked and landed in Cyprus

Airplane hijacked and landed in Cyprus
Airplane hijacked and landed in Cyprus
Airplane hijacked and landed in Cyprus

A Hijacked plane from Egypt was landed in Cyprus, the country's aviation authority has said.


EgyptAir plane hostage situation at Larnaca airport in Cyprus has ended after the hijacker was arrested -Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Ibrahim Samaha is a University lecturer.


Hijacker keeping Irish man on board, along with three Britons and an Italian. 


Hijacker's ex-wife being brought to airport.


Officials spotted boarding plane 


Cyprian media shows picture of Ibrahim Samaha.


Footage shows the release of hostages 


An Irish person is among the passengers on a hijacked plane from Egypt which has landed in Cyprus, according to reports. It is not clear as to whether the Irish person is one of the four passengers still on board.


Hijacker identified as Ibrahim Samaha.





All passengers have been released except 4 foreigners and cabin crew


A spokesman for Cyprus Police said: "There is a hijack in an EgyptAir plane. The aeroplane landed at 8.50 (local time) this morning at the international airport at Larnaca.

"That is all we have for the time being."


Reports indicate that women and children have been released, but the cabin crew remain aboard the aircraft.

Civil Aviation Ministry says pilot was threatened by a passenger wearing a suicide belt.

The plane was travelling from Alexandria to Cairo.

80 people are understood to be on board the plane, which has landed in Larnaca airport.

It is reported one man is armed on board - there are also reports that a bomb is on the plane.

The aircraft involved is an EgyptAir Airbus A320.

Satellite data shows that the Airbus A320 took off from Borg El Arab Airport in Egypt as scheduled.

The plane made an emergency landing at 6.45am GMT.

The hijacker has yet to make any demands.

More to follow.