Aer Lingus flight forced to make emergency landing in Dublin after engine concern

The Aer Lingus plane was forced to return to Dublin Airport
The Aer Lingus plane was forced to return to Dublin Airport

An Aer Lingus flight was forced to make an emergency landing at Dublin Airport this morning following concerns over the plane's engine.

The Portugal-bound departed Dublin Airport at 6.20am but shortly into the flight a low rumbling was heard from the engine. 

Flight E1490, which was destined for Faro, returned to Dublin and landed safely at 7.06am, a spokesperson for Dublin Airport Authority said. 

The decision was made to return following reports of a vibration in one of the plane's engines. It is believed a technical fault was discovered shortly after take-off. 

"The flight returned to Dublin Airport at 7.07am and was met by emergency services on the ground as a precaution," the spokesperson said.

"All passengers disembarked safely." 

The airline said in a statement: "All 181 passengers were disembarked safely and will be flown to Faro later this morning".

It's the third incident involving an Aer Lingus plane in the past six days. 

On Saturday, an Aer Lingus plane destined for Germany had to turn back to Dublin Airport after fumes were reported in the cabin. Flight number EI352 left Dublin airport for Munich at 7.20am, but the pilot had to revert back to Dublin shortly after take-off.

The plane landed at Dublin airport at 8.02am and all passengers disembarked.

Last Tuesday, Aer Lingus flight EI110 was forced to make an emergency landing in New York following a reported technical fault. 

The flight departed JFK airport at approximately 7pm (local time) but was forced to ground shortly afterwards.

All 110 passengers aboard the flight bound for Ireland disembarked from the plane safely at JFK airport.