Aer Lingus flight aborts landing after touch down in high winds

Scary: The aborted landing
Scary: The aborted landing

VIDEO has emerged of an Aer Lingus flight aborting a landing just seconds after the plane’s wheels touch the runway.

The incident, involving a flight from Dublin, took place at Manchester Airport yesterday.
The ATR 72 propeller plane is seen approaching the runway in stormy weather, swaying from side-to-side.
It briefly touches down on the runway, before the pilot decides to increase thrust and take off again.
The manoeuvre is known as a ‘go around’ – and while unpleasant for passengers – is completely safe and something pilots are trained to perform.
The video was posted to YouTube by an aviation fanatic, who described the pilot’s decision to perform the manoeuvre as ‘sensible’.
Just 10 minutes later the plane approaches again, this time landing successfully.