Adam Johnson reportedly nicknamed 'Jimmy Savile' by former clubmates

Adam Johnson reportedly nicknamed 'Jimmy Savile' by former clubmates

Disgraced former Sunderland player Adam Johson has allegedly been the target of abuse from ex-teammates following his conviction.

Johnson has been the subject of taunts and digs from ex-teammates in the aftermath of being found guilty of sexual activity with a child, according to the Sun.

One of the winger's former teammates is said to have sang changed lyrics of hit Pink Floyd anthem 'Another Brick In The Wall' from "Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone" to "Hey, Johnson, leave them kids alone".

Meanwhile, Sunderland youth players supposedly nicknamed the 28-year-old, who could face a substantial jail term, 'Jimmy' – referring to child sex pervert Jimmy Savile.

Johnson's incoming jail term is also apparently subject to betting by footballers as they take odds on how long the winger will spend behind bars after being convicted of sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl.

A source told the Sun of the abuse Johnson, who has a daughter with former partner Stacey Flounders, is getting from ex-teammates: "It's pretty sick some players thought there was a funny side to any of this — but I guess it shows the world footballers live in.

"Johnson was quite a popular figure before his trial and told everyone he was innocent and everything would be cleared up at trial.

"Some players believed him and some didn’t. I guess the gallows humour kicked in but one player in particular changed the words to a Pink Floyd song and turned it into a joke.

"Others offered to place bets about how long Johnson would spend in prison while some of the Sunderland under-21s gave him the nickname 'Jimmy'."