Abandoned children reunited with their mother

Abandoned children
Abandoned children

Three children abandoned on a train platform in India have been reunited with their mother after Twitter message highlighted their plight.

This message (below) sparked a huge amount of interest in the three youngsters last week, with their father apparently leaving them on the train platform to fend for themselves. 

Police were alerted and searched for the children for 30 minutes until they were finally located, NDTV reported.

At first, Rumana, seven, five-year-old Raja and Sanya, four, were reportedly terrified and were unable to tell officers how they had got to the station.

“We found them standing outside the air-conditioned hall on the Ajmeri Gate side of the railway station," Deputy Commissioner of Police (Railways) Sanjay Bhatia said.

"The eldest of the three, Rumana, told us that their house was somewhere near Nabi Karim police station.

"Policemen took the children to that area and walked around until they identified their house. They were reunited with their mother

“It was Rumana who was able to identify her house. When we knocked on the door, their mother Tabassum was asleep,” the officer said.

Police said the woman claimed that her husband, who is separated from the family, used to often take the children away and drop them back without informing her.

But speaking to Newsline, Tabassum said, “My husband Jabbaz used to come home drunk every night and beat me. So I and my three children came to Delhi from Kanpur around two months ago and began living with my cousin Reshma in Nabi Karim.”

Police will continue to investigate and may call the father for questioning.