A swarm of bees is on the loose on a Dublin city centre street

Bee careful out there
Bee careful out there

A swarm of bees have taken up residence on the footpath on North Frederick Street this afternoon.

16.37: Thankfully, the great bee crisis of 2015 is over, but we advice to keep an eye out if you in the city centre, just in case...

16.34: A picture of the bees has appeared online

16.19: And we have an update: 

If you suffer from a fear of bees, or melissophobia to give it its proper name, you best stay away from the north inner city this afternnon.

According to the always useful folks at Live Drive, a swarm of the honey-making insects have taken up an area of the footpath on North Frederick Street, leading to some pedestrians taking evasive action.

More on this bee-reaking news (sorry) as we get it...