The most sexually active age group in Ireland is the 25-34 category, survey finds

The most sexually active age group is the 25-34 category, the survey found
The most sexually active age group is the 25-34 category, the survey found

A new survey has found that around a quarter of us are having sex less than once a week, while 14 per cent say they are getting it three or more times a week.

The extensive survey carried out by the Irish Times reveals some interesting statistics about how us Irish people do (or don't) in the bedroom

Over 12,000 people participated in the survey, and just 7 per cent of those (excluding virgins) hadn’t had sex in the past year, it was found. 

44 per cent of participants said they were having sex at least once a week; this included the 14 per cent of  those who said they were doing it three times a week or more. 

30 per cent of people said they were having sex 1 - 2 times a week while 22 per cent said they were engaging in intercourse less than once a month. 

The survey also found that the longer people stay together in relationships the likelier they are to have less sex. 

The most sexually active age group is the 25-34 category, where 51 per cent of both males and females are having sex one or more times a week. 

Heterosexual males were most likely to have a one-night stand, 77 per cent of men compared to 66 per cent of women.

Females in the younger categories are having more sex on a weekly basis to young males, the survey found. Another interesting statistic was the average age one lost their virginity, which turned out to be 19. 

One of the goals of the survey was to find out if people were happy with their sex lives. 

Clinical sexologist Emily Powers with the publication said people should not worry too much about how they measure up to others, which seemed to be a recurring issue among participants. 

"It's really important people don't begin to feel bad or inadequate that they're not matching these statistics," she said.

"It really comes down to whether you're happy - are you having the kind and amount of sex that you want to have each week or each year? If you are - that's your answer."

Head over to check out the extensive results of the survey.

The Irish Times sex survey was conducted on over the course of a week in June 2015. A total of 12,639 participants completed the survey (a 71 per cent completion rate), with 12,134 responses used in the follow-up analysis.