A €2 debt led to a Cavan man winning €50k on a scratch card

In the money...
In the money...

A very small debt that one Cavan brother owed another has led to an amazing Lotto scratch card win.

When Declan McManus repaid his 23-year-old brother Damien the two quid he owed him he never imagined the small clearign of the ledger would result in a huge windfall.

When Damien got the €2, he decided to buy a scratch card.

That ticket won him a fiver and Damien, believing his luck was in, bought another All Cash Platinum card in the Mace he works in with Declan on the Dublin Road in Killeshandra.

Damien scratched the card right there and it came up with three €50,000 symbols. Understandably excited, the commotion alerted his brother, who was sitting in the office of the shop.

"I was in the office and heard Damien shouting 'Come here! Come here!' I thought the shop was being robbed!"

The winner now has big plans for his new found wealth.

"I've never been out of the country before, so I'm going to go on my first foreign holiday. I’m also going to buy a new car.

"And I'd love to go to Old Trafford when the new season starts to see Man U play!"

And, of course, he hasn't forgotten about his brother, who kick started the run of luck.

"I guess I'll have to look after Declan as well – he’ll get his €2 back at least!"