65-year-old German mum of nine has given birth to quads

Annegret Raunigk
Annegret Raunigk

A 65-year-old German woman has given birth to quadruplets after undergoing an artificial insemination procedure, German television has reported.

It says Annegret Raunigk had three boys and a girl by Caesarean section at a Berlin hospital on Tuesday.

They were born prematurely at 26 weeks but have a “good chance of surviving”.

Annegret Raunigk - who already has 13 children and seven grandchildren - is the world’s oldest woman to have quadruplets.

The single mother reportedly decided to try for another baby when her youngest daughter, who is now 10, said she wanted a little brother or sister.

Ms Raunigk’s pregnancy - the result of fertility treatment in Ukraine - has been the subject of fierce debate in Germany.

During her pregnancy she said she believed everyone should be able to live the life they wanted to.

Asked whether she had any concerns, Ms Raunigk said she assumed she would stay fit and healthy and that she was not worried about what other people thought.

Some doctors have questioned whether she would be physically capable of bearing the children.