£6.4m lottery winner banned from driving after being caught with no insurance

Ryan Magee with his Ferrari which he later crashed
Ryan Magee with his Ferrari which he later crashed

Eglinton man Ryan Magee, who won £6.4 million in the Euromillions, has been banned from driving.

After Magee won the massive sum of money in 2008, he immediately treated himself to a bright red Ferrari.

But since then he's split from his wife, his business crashed and he put his home up for sale.

And this week Magee was ordered to complete 200 hours of community service and was fined £250 after he pleaded to guilty to driving a car while disqualified and without insurance.

The 34-year-old had to apply for legal aid.

He had been driving a Ford Focus over the Foyle Bridge in December of last year when he was stopped by police.

In 2008, Magee won the lottery after buying 11 tickets for the draw from a post office near Strabane.

In the weeks following he bought a Ferrari 458 Italia and a home with its own bar.

In 2011 he wrote the Ferrari off while driving the supercar on the Glenshane Pass.

Magee's solicitor told the court:"They knew him to be a disqualified driver as he had been disqualified last August for 18 months for driving matters.

"He has found himself not back at square one but several steps behind square one. He has appreciated somewhat late in the day his responsibilities to others, particularly in terms of his driving."

District Judge Peter King noted Magee's record of 17 previous criminal convictions, 12 of which are driving offences, describing his record as "appalling".

Magee was told that if he doesn't complete his 200 hours of community service he would be jailed for six months.