50 per cent of Irish parents slap their kids

50 per cent of Irish parents slap their kids

Survey results which appear in today's Irish Times show that over half of Irish parents admit to slapping their kids.

The "Family Values" poll carried out by Ipsos MRBI on behalf of the Irish Times found that 8 per cent of parents said that they "often" slapped their children for being bold, while an additional 44 per cent said that they rarely resorted to the practise, giving a total of 52 per cent. 

580 parents participated in the survey which was part of a larger poll of 1,000 people aged 15 and over. 

The survey found that younger parents were significantly less likely to hit their kids.

Eight in ten parents under 35 said they had "never" slapped their children, while less than four in ten in the 55 plus category said the same. 

Mums were slightly more likely than dads to resort to slapping, but they were also more likely to tell their child that they loved them. 

94 per cent of mums said that they tell their kids they love them, while only 82 per cent of dads admitted doing so.

Sadly 1 per cent of mothers and 2 per cent of fathers said that they had never told their child that they love them.