250 Ryanair flights cancelled

250 Ryanair flights cancelled

Flight disruption is ongoing for travellers today, as French air traffic controllers enter their second day of industrial action.

Dozens of Ryanair flights are affected, both to French airports and to routes using French air space - including from Ireland to Spain.

The following departures are cancelled out of Dublin Airport today:

FR9999; 08.00 - Dublin to Palma

FR1986; 08.00 - Dublin to Nantes

FR7062; 10.10 - Dublin to Alicante

FR3977; 12.30 - Dublin to Barcelona

FR7054, 15.30 - Dublin to Malaga

FR1958; 16.45 - Dublin to Nice

FR7094; 17.25 - Dublin to Murcia

FR026; 19.40 - Dublin to Paris BVA

Several flights into Dublin are also cancelled, including FR1987 from Nantes, FR9996 from Palma, FR7063 from Alicante, FR3976 from Barcelona, FR7055 from Malaga, FR1959 from Nice and FR7095 from Murcia.

Aer Lingus suffered several cancellations yesterday, but says its schedule is operating as normal today - though customers are advised to check its website before travel.

No Ryanair flights out of Cork or Shannon are affected.

Ryanair has condemned the "selfish actions" of the French ATC unions, claiming that this is the 41st such strike since 2009.

The airline experienced similar cancellations and delays yesterday.

Airline passengers whose flights are cancelled are entitled to a full refund, rebooking onto the next available flight, or rebooking onto an alternative route.

The airline says all affected customers have been contacted by email and SMS text message and advised of their options.

A full list of cancelled flights is available here.