13 dogs discovered in despicable living conditions

13 dogs discovered in despicable living conditions

The dogs were found living in horrendous conditions, while three other dogs were found dead on the property.

ISPCA inspector Lisa O’Donovan found 13 dogs, nine greyhounds and four German shepherds living in inhumane conditions on a Cork property.

The animals were locked in sheds and trailers, cruelly forcing them to stand in layers of dirt and their own faeces.

The dogs were terrified, emaciated and disturbingly underweight, while a search of the property found no available clean water for the animals.

Ms O’Donovan told the Irish Daily Mirror: “The conditions these dogs were living in were horrendous. The smell was shocking and the dogs were completely unsocialised.

“It was a long, difficult task removing them safely. It’s difficult to try and get your head around how someone could force the poor dogs to live like this.”

The animals were brought to the ISPCA Equine Rescue Centre in Mallow, Co Cork, to receive urgently-needed vet treatment.

The four German shepherds were later transferred to the ISPCA National Animal Centre in Longford, while two of the greyhounds have found homes.

The other seven are still looking for an understanding owner and a loving home.

The ISPCA have said that greyhounds, while often bred for racing, make excellent pets due to their low-maintenance nature and sense of companionship.

Anybody interested in rehoming any of these dogs can contact or ring 022 43218.