12-year-old struck by double decker bus in Dublin

12-year-old struck by double decker bus in Dublin

A 12-year-old was struck by a bus in the Clondalkin area of Dublin.

The incident occurred at 17:09pm near Monksfield, Dublin Bus told

The child, who is not believed to have suffered serious injuries, was taken to Tallaght hospital by ambulance.

He was released on Tuesday with a clear bill of health, said his mum.

A spokeswoman for Dublin Bus confirmed that “an incident occurred on Monday between a bus and a pedestrian at 17:09 in Monksfield”.

Dublin Bus was unable to confirm if a complaint had been made following the incident, though they said “standard proceeds were being followed”.

The child was out playing with friends when the accident happened.

Following the incident, passengers on the bus were asked to transfer to a new bus.

Gardai attended the scene, and confirmed to that an investigation was on going.

“Inquiries are currently being made regarding the incident, and we would ask anyone who might have witness the incident to contact the Clondalkin Garda station,” a spokesperson said.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact the Clondalkin Garda Station on 016667600.

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