102-year-old woman left on trolley for 26 hours

102-year-old woman left on trolley for 26 hours

Tallaght Hospital has apologised and said it "regrets any inconvenience caused" after a 102-year-old woman was left on a trolley for 26 hours.

The elderly woman was taken to hospital on Monday at around 2pm.

She was diagnosed with a low blood count and associated heart problems and taken for treatment before being put on a trolley, reports the Irish Times.

The woman was given a blood transfusion while on the trolley and was eventually moved to a bed at 5pm on Tuesday.

Dr James Grey, a consultant in emergency medicine at the hospital told RTE news that the woman’s treatment was a form of torture.

“She would have suffered great indignity, a lack of privacy, poor confidentiality (while on the trolley). She would have experienced constant light and noise", he said. 

Tallaght Hospital admitted that it was "aware of a delay that existed" regarding an elderly patient and that it "sincerely regrets any inconvenience experienced.