August 31st, 2014

Doctor Karen

Andrew Rudd

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Keep a lookout for skin cancer

My daughter (12) has had several episodes of abdominal pain

Tips for safe eating on holiday

Nobody wants to be laid up with food poisoning when they could be exploring and having fun

Allergic Rhinitis or Hay Fever is very common in Ireland

New treatment for allergies

Gradual changes help weight loss

Bid to help stroke survivors to quit

Should I take sleeping pills

Daughter having difficulty with her periods

My daughter (14) is having difficulty with her periods

Dear Karen: Daughter is in great distress with her periods

HSE now 'failing cancer patients'

HSE urges people to take preventative measures to reduce tick bites

HSE urge people to take care against Lyme disease, spread by ticks

People who spend time outdoors urged to take preventative measures against bites