October 24th, 2014

Doctor Karen

The flu vaccine is a life-saver

Flu vaccines are not to be sniffed at

It's time for vulnerable groups to make the most of this lifesaver

Getting a proper plan in place to manage asthma

It's weight on my mind

Last orders for heart disease

I have put on ten pounds in weight over the past year. Could this be related to the oral contraceptive pill?

Is my weight gain due to contraceptive pill?

Dear Karen: I have put on ten pounds in weight in the last few weeks

I have a two-month-old son and am worried there are too many vaccines given at one time

I'm worried there are too many vaccines for my child

Contraband cigarettes are manufactured by big tobacco companies

Big Tobacco is the source of 90% of contraband cigarettes in Ireland

Packie Bonner

Bonner's book of hope for men

A new and inspiring prostate cancer patient storybook resource for men experiencing prostate cancer was launched over the summer by legendary Republic of Ireland footballer Packie Bonner

Andrew Rudd

Healthy eating can save sight

Celebrity chef, Andrew Rudd joined Diabetes Ireland, amongst other organisations to launch Eye Am What I Eat campaign.

Keep a lookout for skin cancer

My daughter (12) has had several episodes of abdominal pain

Dear Karen: Daughter struggling with abdominal pains