EURO 2016

Video - Eric Cantona's glorious tribute to Ireland fans


Eric Cantona has offered up a hilarious tribute to the Irish fans who have been hailed among the star performers of the Euro 2016 party in France.

Man Utd legend Cantona has been appointed as the fictional 'Commissioner of Football' in association with Eurosport, with this video one of the highlights of Euro 2016 so far.

"The awesome Irish fans have been the life of the party. Singing with the police, putting babies to sleep, serenading the ladies," declared Cantona.

"They also multiply bread, change water into beer, they even know the end to Game Of Thrones."

Cantona also offered up his own version of the chant celebrating the goal scoring exploits of Northern Ireland forward Will Grigg.

We think you will agree, this is a moment of viral video magic: