EURO 2016

Roy Keane offers some interesting views on Eden Hazard

Roy Keane would have kicked Hazard
Roy Keane would have kicked Hazard

Roy Keane has admitted he would have kicked any team-mate who repeatedly spoke of leaving his club in training after questioning Belgium star Eden Hazard's attitude.

The Republic of Ireland assistant, in his role as a Champions League TV pundit, branded the Chelsea star "a spoilt child" and said he would "kick him up and down the training pitch" if he were one of his team-mates earlier this season.

Ireland face Hazard's Belgium in their second Group E fixture at the Euro 2016 finals in Bordeaux on Saturday, and while the 44-year-old former Manchester United skipper believes the midfielder is a talented player, he did not appreciate his willingness to link himself with Paris St Germain in February.

Speaking at the Republic's Versailles training base on Thursday, he said: "That's nothing personal, I would do that to anybody if I was playing with them who was talking about possibly wanting to leave all the time.

"It's nothing against the lad - I think he's a talented boy. I'd like him to be in our group, he's a really, really top player.

"He's had a difficult season, I suppose, but that's because maybe he set his standards so high the previous season.

"Don't get me the wrong way, I think he's an outstanding player, but if you'd asked me if I was playing with anybody, whether I was at Forest, Rockmount, Cobh Ramblers, and they were constantly talking - if it was true - that they wanted to leave and they had a poor attitude to training, then I would kick them in training, yes.

"But I have kind of done that with most players, I suppose, even lads who didn't want to leave."