EURO 2016

PICS: Like Shane Long, we still can't believe this wasn't a penalty


It happened over 24 hours ago and we still can't believe it.

Just after the start of the second half a ball is floated towards our main man Shane Long in the penalty box.

He is 'tackled', at head height by two Belgian defenders and somehow referee Cuneyt Cakir decided it wasn't worthy of a spot kick.

It wasn't the only time the Turkish official ruled harshly against the Tipperary man in the game and the Southampton man was fuming at the final whistle.

Choosing his words carefully afterwards, the Ireland striker said: "I can't really say what I really want to say because I'll probably get myself in trouble.

"It's just disappointing. Anywhere else on the pitch you might get a free-kick. The fact that they broke and scored as well makes it a little bit harder to take.

"He [the referee] obviously thought there was nothing there. He must have thought I was diving or something. I can't really say what he was thinking because the pictures speak for themselves."

And these exclusive pics from our snapper in Bordeaux Ernie certainly do Shane...