VIDEO: Woman orders glass table, gets delivered two bags of live fish instead

Becky Smith finding a delivery of fish, instead of the table she ordered
Becky Smith finding a delivery of fish, instead of the table she ordered

A woman who ordered a glass table got quite the surprise when she opened her parcel to find two bags of live tropical fish inside.

In the video, which has received over four million views on Facebook, Becky Smith from London reacts hysterically when she discovers that instead of getting the glass table she ordered from eBay she was instead sent two bags of live tropical fish.

"Fish! Look! Fish! F***ing what am I going to do with them?" she says into the camera of a neighbour who filmed her amazement as she held up the water filled bags.

As a pair of youngsters bounce around the kitchen, clearly enjoying the mailing mix-up, Smith launches into an expletive-ridden tirade.

"F**k, it said "fragile" on it, I thought it was my table. What am I going to do? Look, f***ing look, I paid for a table, not fish."

Her neighbour, Jacqueline Johnson, said in a follow-up Facebook video that the fish had since been sent back and all are safe and sound.

She's heard laughing throughout the fish video in the background while filming her neighbour's astonishment.

"That's what you get for shopping at eBay," she says.

LMFAO this is what happens when u order off eBay pmsl I can't get over it Becky Smith

Posted by Jacqueline Johnson on Wednesday, November 4, 2015