Woman discovers at 48 that she was illegally adopted

Theresa Hiney Tinggal
Theresa Hiney Tinggal

A woman made the shock discovery that she was illegally adopted on the finale of TV3’s ‘Adoption Stories’.

The final episode of the series featured Theresa Hiney Tinggal who, at the age of 48, discovered she was adopted.

What shocked her even more was that her adoption was illegal and public records are of no use, as her birth certificate is false.

Theresa must turn to DNA testing to see if it will turn up a blood relative who will lead to her mother.

She was in a private nursing home and handed over to her parents, who registered her as their own.

For the past 12 years, the only clue to who she is, or who her mother is, is a name on a piece of paper - Margaret O’Grady.

The series finale of ‘Adoption Stories’ airs this Thursday (16th July) at 8.30pm on TV3..