What's in store on the soaps this week

More drama for Fiz on Corrie
More drama for Fiz on Corrie

We give you the lowdown on all the stories in your favourite soaps this week.


Martin celebrates a front page story about Stacey and their ‘miracle baby’ and invites his friends to The Vic to celebrate. Denise sees through Shabnam’s attempts to be happy for her best friend and after a heart-to-heart discovers it would have been Zaair’s due date today. Embracing his good news, Martin makes amends with a guilty Lee but finds himself unintentionally upsetting Shabnam in the process and she leaves the lunch. Stacey follows her and drops her own bombshell – she thinks she saw her dad when she was unconscious.
Friday is the day of Kush and Shabnam’s wedding but Kush soon finds his mind elsewhere when Shabnam tells him about Stacey’s bombshell. As Stacey helps Carmel prepare a surprise, they are interrupted by Kush arriving and demanding to speak to Stacey. With emotions high, it doesn’t take Stacey long to admit that Kush is the father of her baby but demands he keeps the news to himself.

Emma, aware Cain is scrutinizing her, offers to help behind the bar but is more a hindrance than a help. When Chas goes down to the cellar to fix one of Emma’s mistake, Emma accidentally locks her in. As the fireworks start outside the pub, Chas’ cries are not heard as another panic attack overcomes her, Chas rushes up the stairs but trips and is left unconscious as a gas canister continues to leak. As more fireworks light up the night sky, Chas’ life is in danger.
Paddy feels guilty as he sees Rhona search for her engagement ring, which she has lost. He later pretends to find it and gets down on one knee giving her a new one. She calls him the best husband in the world. Soon after in the Woolpack, Paddy’s guilt rises as Rhona cheerfully recounts their day. Carly feels bad after making fun of Marlon getting the wrong number treatment from Chloe. She tries to make it up to Marlon unaware this could backfire on Paddy.

When Fiz overhears Tyrone telling Kevin how he wishes he’d cancelled the Lapland trip, she’s furious realising how much debt they’re in. Chesney, Sinead and Craig join Fiz and Tyrone at No.9 where they hold their own indoor firework party for Hope and Ruby. As Tyrone breaks down, telling Fiz how scared he is for Hope and how he just wants to make her happy, will she be able to forgive his mistake?
All dolled up for her date with Tony, Liz lies to Michelle telling her she’s off out with Erica who needs cheering up. When Erica calls in the pub, Liz quickly hustles her out of the door, Erica’s bemused. Liz admits she’s got a date with Tony. Erica reckons she’s playing with fire.
Fair City

Nina continues to push Charlotte to tell her story. Sash seeing them together warns Charlotte not to trust Nina. Charlotte threatens Nina and as good as admits to killing Paddy. Sash, meanwhile threatens Nina that if she keeps hassling Charlotte she will go to the police and tell them the truth about the hit and run. Elsewhere, Dean is not convinced when Laura says she is glad things are over with Nina. Later, Sash is taken aback when Nina reveals she is still in love with her and will she will give up the story to be with her. Sash is left torn.
Farrah and Ellie have a day out planned together and Heather asks Farrah not to mention Brazil or Brendan to Ellie.  Elsewhere, Bob continues to be suspicious of Heather but she continues to wind him up.  Later, Farrah and Ellie are getting on well when Ellie becomes very upset and she admits that she broke Farrah’s camera. Bob, Farrah and Renee are all taken aback by her reaction. Heather explains to Farrah that Ellie is really struggling with everything that is going on with Brendan and broke the camera on purpose acting out.
Red Rock

With the search on for who stole the drugs, speculation at the station is flying, and hot on Sergeant McKay’s radar is Adrijan.  However given the inappropriateness of his affair and knowing that his career is on the line if Sergeant McKay finds out, it looks as though Adrijan is in a lose-lose situation.
Paudge is in for a big surprise when he is called into Sergeant McKay’s office at  the time when questioning over the missing drugs  is taking place, however what happens next is far from what he imagined and leaves him feeling guilt riddled over his relationship with Beady. Davey Webb is brought into the station following a robbery at the petrol station. Pleading innocent, his solicitor Ms Hennessey is having a difficult time defending him as incriminating evidence is brought forward.
Ros na Rún

Just as Mack convinces Mo to throw a party in their place, David pays them a surprise visit. David tells them he has been dumped by Alanna and is home for good. Mack assures him there will be a spring in his step after the party tonight.
Peigí is fixed on ruining Eoin and Eimear’s chance at marriage. Continuing to meddle in Eoin’s plans, she uses his state of mind before the liver transplant operation implying he wasn’t thinking straight. Eoin agrees with her but only to suggest that he’s going to make an even grandeur proposal to Eimear now that the operation has been a success. Peigí is dumbfounded that her plans are backfiring how will she put a stop to the marriage?