What's in store on the soaps this week

Wedding blues: Will Sally get married?
Wedding blues: Will Sally get married?

From Corrie to Eastenders, Emmerdale to Ros na Rún, here is what to expect on all the big soaps this week.


Jane wakes up to an empty bed and begins to panic when she learns Ian isn’t at the café or restaurant. After finding a letter from Ian, Jane rushes to Sharon’s and reveals Ian is going to attempt suicide. Sharon grabs her things to meet Jane but is stopped in her tracks by an unexpected visitor…

Meanwhile, Jane eventually finds Ian on a bridge (below) and does her best to encourage him to step down. After an emotional plea, Ian takes Jane’s hand and embraces her. However as the pair hug, Ian sees a ghost from the past … Kathy.

Elaine’s new man, Jason, makes himself at home at The Vic but it soon becomes clear Linda hasn’t taken a shine to him. After an incident upstairs, Linda tells Jason he needs to leave and reveals to her mum that she can’t accept him as her new father.

Mick senses there is something more to it and Linda eventually opens up about her fear of having a strange man in the house. Mick comes up with a solution and after Mick and Linda interrogate Jason about his feelings for Elaine, they agree to let him stay.

Victoria tries to reassure Adam, who’s struggling ahead of Johnny’s operation. Meanwhile, Vanessa attempts to compensate for her lack of feelings towards Johnny by frantically researching his operation. As Rhona and Carly try to reassure her, Vanessa is forced to hide her true feelings. She struggles again, later in the cafe when everyone offers their support, Rhona is taken aback by her edginess.

Back at the hospital Vanessa is left feeling redundant as Victoria and Adam fuss over Johnny. As she goes in to see him, Moira grows concerned over Vanessa’s cool and detached behaviour. Victoria’s mortified when a nurse confuses her as Johnny’s mum, further heightening Vanessa’s sense of failure.

David clears the trashed shop as Priya urges him to stand his ground with Pollard, but he insists his dad died when Val did. Later in the cafe, Pollard gives David a cheque for the damage to the shop, David’s shocked by the amount, but Pollard insists it will be enough to ensure their paths don’t ever have to cross again, but is that really what he wants?

As Sally makes last minute preparations for her wedding, Sophie’s amazed to realise that Tim hasn’t backed down and Sally’s just banking on him turning up. Sophie tells Kevin she fears Sally’s having a breakdown, refusing to accept the wedding is off. Bumping into Tim, Sally begs him to change his mind and marry her. Tim warns her that she will be a laughing stock if she turns up for the wedding. Will Rita be able to convince Sally that she’s on a hiding into nothing with Tim and needs to admit defeat?
Tyrone’s exhaustion leads to a mistake at work. As he tries to pick up the pieces, Fiz struggles with the girls at home.
As Carla works on a tough client, she’s unimpressed by a distracted Aidan, who’s studiously ignores calls from his dad. She’s later stunned when Aidan’s dad Johnny and sister Kate burst into the factory demanding to see Aidan. Carla’s further shocked when it becomes clear that Aidan hasn’t been entirely truthful about where he got the funds to buy into the business.
Fair City

Charlotte visits Sash and tells her about the article and the nosy journalist on her case.

Charlotte leaves but as she looks back she sees Sash greeting a new visitor. The visitor is Nina and Charlotte is shocked to see them kiss. Meanwhile as Nina and Sash talk the penny drops for Sash that Nina is the journalist behind the story. Later, Charlotte meets Laura and Nina in the park and apologises to Nina. Decco doesn’t buy Charlotte’s new attitude towards Nina and thinks something is behind it. 
Ama has spent the whole weekend at Shane’s. She is about to tell him it was her first time but can’t bring herself to do so. Later, Kerri-Ann learns from Ama what has been going on. Kerri-Ann thinks they are made for each other and advises Ama to tell Shane the truth. Ama goes back to Shane’s and tells him he was her first and Shane is slightly taken aback.
Deirdre, Jo and Dermot are preparing to say farewell as today is the day they leave for America. Deirdre and Jo finally patch things up and Jo admits that no-one was to blame for what happened.  Deirdre makes the point that if the accident hadn’t happened they wouldn’t have discovered Ben’s illness.  Jo and Dermot are heartbroken as they say goodbye to one another.
Red Rock

When the Kielys learn of Patricia Hennessy’s plans to request a plea bargain to ensure that son Michael is trialled for manslaughter instead of murder, they’re incensed. They want their day in court, for Darren. Patricia is determined to make them see sense and offers them a way out via her cheque book.
Meanwhile, Sharon and Paudge are called out to a minor shop lifting incident. While there, Paudge bumps into his old pal Beady Burke who shares some interesting information about a fellow drug dealer in the town called Francis ‘Laser’ Byrne. Just what is Beady’s motive for being so generous?
Ros na Rún

Tension mounts between Adam and Niamh. Niamh is stunned when Adam attempts to run her over on the street in his mum’s car. In revenge Niamh scrapes the car with a key. Little does she know there is a security camera capturing the incident! Later in a busy Tigh Thaidhg, Niamh is shocked and embarrassed when she is placed under arrest. 
Vince empathises with Bobbi lee in the aftermath of Lee’s death. He tells her he can relate to how it feels to lose a child because he lost his own son Donncha. Bobbi Lee finds comfort in his kindness. Later, she realises her feelings might be deeper than she thought.
Frances is fed up of the constant battle with Labhrás in the Community Centre. She’s about to throw in the towel and finish working there when Tadhg stops her. He tells her there is no way she is letting Labhrás get the better of her. Frances and Tadhg are united in their fight against Labhrás.