What's coming up on the soaps this week

Drama in Fair City
Drama in Fair City

From Emmerdale to Eastenders, here's what is coming up in the week ahead.


It's Halloween in Albert Square and with Gavin still on their mind, the Mitchells and Beales remain on edge. Just as things are beginning to look up for both families, things take a haunting turn and Kathy, Ben and Phil soon find themselves in a terrifying situation with no escape. As those involved attempt to save themselves and each other, a shocking truth emerges.
Elsewhere, as Martin tells Kush about his plans to propose, Stacey makes the final preparations for her party. Things take an unexpected turn however when Stacey comes across an engagement ring and tells Whitney she can't get married. Whilst Lee fixes a faulty fuse in her flat,  Stacey meets with Martin and tells him she doesn't want to get married causing Martin to share a heart-felt plea - what will Stacey decide? As the party begins, Martin proposes to Stacey in his own unique way but the proposal takes an odd turn.

Kevin cracks the whip as he shows Tyrone and Luke the fleet of cars parked outside the garage which all need servicing. Having broken one of Hope’s toys that morning Tyrone seizes the opportunity to swing by the toy shop when a motorway breakdown comes in. But when Hope is taken ill and Fiz is unable to get hold of Tyrone, she heads off in an ambulance asking Kevin to let Tyrone know what’s happened. Tyrone returns to the garage and is shocked to hear Hope’s taken a turn for the worse. 
Also this week… at Cathy’s suggestion, Mary decides to write a book about her life but will her friends show any interest? When Aidan tries to chat up Eva in the factory, she gives him short shrift. Kate and Sophie nearly come to blows over Kevin’s cars blocking the factory entrance. Aidan and Kevin pull the girls apart.

Pete is packing up, and is shocked when he opens his caravan door and sees Ross, who hits him with a baseball bat. When he regains consciousness he quickly realises he is hanging perilously from a high viaduct. Ross releases the winch he has attached him to and Pete drops yet further down. Soon Ross winches his brother back up ordering him to send a suicide message to James and when he’s done it, he wants him to jump off the viaduct. Ross seems unstable blaming Pete for everything that’s gone wrong in his life. Pete apologises, saying he loves him and Ross is thrown by Pete’s agreement when he then starts typing the suicide message to James into his phone.
Bernice is uneasy around Chrissie and wonders how she will raise her concerns about her to Lawrence. She mentions she visited Robert, but Chrissie overhears her and warns her not to let him manipulate her. Bernice visits Robert and he is left in disbelief when Bernice tells him Chrissie is applying for a restraining order.
Fair City

Laura is put out that Nina hasn’t been in touch and when they finally do meet she tells Nina she has blown her chance.  Nina wants to explain things to Laura about her past and Laura is left speechless when she learns that Sash took the rap for Nina. Nina continues to declare her love for Laura and Laura can’t deny their connection. Elsewhere, Sash is livid when Decco tells her he saw Nina and Laura looking very close. Sash barges into Halpin’s and is shocked to find Laura and Nina in bed together.
Red Rock

It’s Halloween time in Red Rock and it’s bringing along its fair share of trepidation. With the arrest of Beady’s niece following a drug seizure, Paudge does everything in his power to contribute to her release, putting himself in the riskiest situations. Nikki meets with a badly shaken sexual assault victim Sophie in a spine chilling interview process. Angela and Sharon wait anxiously for the paramedics to arrive at the flats where they were called to investigate screams.
Sharon and Angela are eagerly awaiting the emergency services arrival as the lady’s labour cries indicate she is about to give birth. Back at the station, McKay’s guard is high as he is aware of a leak in the station. With Adrijan sneaking off work to meet a special lady friend, he is not in the best position when McKay begins to question him on his whereabouts resulting in him being at the top of Garda McKay’s list of suspects as Beady’s informer.
Ros na Run

Eimear doesn’t take kindly to an unexpected visit from Tadhg to the hospital to see Eoin! When it’s revealed that Peigí asked Tadhg to visit, Eimear is fuming. She blames Peigi‘s drink problem for getting Eoin into this mess.
Katy desperately wants Padraig to let her cover for the new chef until he begins working in Gaudi.
Pádraig expresses his concerns that Katy is not trustworthy after an earlier conversation he had with Seamus. He tells her he has an old friend lined up to the take the cheffing job anyway.
Caitriona worries that Vince is forgetting that Maeve is part of their life together. When she mentions it to Vince he promises to make more effort to include her daughter in their life together.