What to expect across your favourite soaps this week

Donna and Fatboy get closer on the Square
Donna and Fatboy get closer on the Square

Another big week in the soaps coming up... but only read on if you don't mind spoilers.


It’s Nancy’s birthday but after hearing she wants to keep it low key, Elaine encourages Tamwar to do something special. Later at The Vic, Tamwar surprises Nancy with an emotional gesture.  Over at Blades, its Roxy’s first day as salon manager but she soon finds herself in an argument with Dean, who lashes out at Roxy and cuts off a chunk of her hair. Feeling guilty, Dean attempts to make it up to her and gives her a new haircut.  Elsewhere, Donna flirts with Fatboy and after sharing a kiss, she finds herself leading Fatboy to the bedroom.
Kathy persists with her mission to build bridges with Ben and after a suspicious phone call to Gavin, she heads over to the Mitchell's house and attempts to talk to her son. Despite a heart-warming plea from Kathy, Ben warns her to leave but with emotions high, Ben snaps and opens up about how difficult life has been without her and tells her he's gay. Shocked by her supportive reaction, Ben finally warms to his mother and the pair share a hug. As Kathy explains everything that has happened, she soon trips up over her lies and let's slip that she's still with Gavin.

Kirin is concerned when he spots Jai taking cocaine just before a meeting with an important buyer but he’s left impressed when Jai holds the buyer in the palm of his hand. Kirin is torn when Jai offers him cocaine, telling him it will make him feel unstoppable and Kirin goes on to make an animated and confident pitch to the buyer. They go out to celebrate, but when Jai doubles over in agony with blood easing from his nose, Kirin begins to panic.

Lawrence pleads with Chrissie to get Rakesh to call off the reconstruction, as he fears he might be proven innocent, but Chrissie refuses the request, as she can’t stand the idea of him suffering in prison. Later, Chrissie tries to put on a brave face as she talks to Rakesh and he’s surprised when she moves in for a kiss. Will Rakesh return the kiss or will Chrissie be left mortified?

When Billy witnesses Sarah snapping at Todd, he’s concerned about her. Todd explains to Billy how he and Sarah have history. When Billy approaches Sarah panics will she confide her fears? Meanwhile the police call at No.8 and quiz David, Kylie and Sarah about Callum’s whereabouts explaining that he’s skipped bail. David assures them they’ll be in touch if they hear anything while Kylie and Sarah struggle to contain their fear. Consumed with guilt, Kylie and Sarah wonder if they’d be better off confessing all to the police but David insists they stick to their story.
Fiz and Tyrone wait nervously in the hospital whilst Hope has her operation. They’re touched when Sinead visits with a Thunderbirds costume she’s made. Also, Johnny and Kate start work at the factory. Kate’s unimpressed to find she’s working with Kirk in packing. Determined to make the best of things, Carla shows Johnny the order books. Convinced Kate fancies Kirk, Beth calls her a hussy and tells her to keep her hands to herself.
Fair City

Tommy takes it upon himself to tell Cathal to give Debbie a break but Cathal turns on Tommy. Cathal pushes Tommy too far and Tommy retaliates and grabs Cathal by the collar. Debbie intervenes and breaks them up. Later Debbie is begins to have doubts about Tommy and when Cathal later makes peace with it is clear he doesn’t mean a word of it.  Later, as Tommy is walking home from work he comes across Debbie, who has been mugged.

Caoimhe is not impressed to hear that Orla used Tommy to make Wayne jealous and has it out with her. Meanwhile Wayne and Orla continue to bicker and Orla confides in Niamh that all she and Wayne seem to do now is fight. Niamh encourages her to sort it out. Later, when Orla returns home she and Wayne admit there is no good in their relationship and they can’t continue like this anymore.

As the Gardaí prepare to take on locals from The Ridge estate in a community soccer match, McKay stumbles upon a vicious attack on the way to the game. Local youth Davey Webb has been stabbed and McKay must leap into action to save his life. Conor Tyrell is finally getting back on track and actually starting to enjoy his job at the Neptune Café but when €50 goes missing from the till all eyes are on him.
At the station, every effort is being made to find out why Davey was stabbed and bring his attackers to justice, while at the hospital, Davey remains tight-lipped when McKay and DS Grogan question him.
Later that day, Paudge realises that the reason Davey was attacked is because Laser suspected him of ratting to the Gardaí. Young innocent Davey almost died due to Beady’s clever manipulation of Paudge.    
Ros na Rún

Berni’s in the doghouse after her outburst against Laoise at Lee’s Commemoration night.  Afterwards Bobbi Lee reminds her that poor Cuán will have awful memories of his aunt, when he watches the video footage! Berni is left feeling terrible.
Niamh realises Adam has created a fake profile for her on an escort website! O’Shea convinces Niamh to report Adam’s latest stunt to the Gardaí, reluctantly Niamh agrees. Just when Niamh thinks she has the upper hand she learns that Adam has taken a harassment case against her… how much more can she take?
Labhrás wants Frances to charge Bobbi Lee for hiring the PA system for Lee’s event. He tells her the community centre needs the money. Frances sneakily convinces him to cut down on staff tea breaks instead.