Voice of Ireland star Laura has no regrets about snubbing Kian

Laura O'Connor
Laura O'Connor

Beautiful Laura O’Connor is on a roll after all four judges on the hit TV show tried to woo her on to their teams.

She soared through the battle rounds and tonight she competes with eleven other singers in the Live Knockouts to get through to the final stages of the show.

The 20-year-old stunner from Finglas, Dublin, said she had no regrets about snubbing Kian Egan to join Rachel Stevens’ team, even though he snapped her up when she first appeared on The Voice as an 18-year-old two years ago and reached the live shows.

The former Westlife star told her he would be “gutted” if she didn’t choose him again – and she didn’t!

“Rachel (inset) turned first in the blind auditions and she just seemed so lovely when she was giving her pitch so I said I would go with her,” says Laura.

“I thought she would know what to do with me and I am delighted I went with her because she has been so helpful giving me advice. 

“I don’t have any regrets about not choosing Kian. I can now say I have worked with Kian and Rachel which is a great thing. 

“It was never personal towards him, I just wanted a different experience and Rachel seemed like the best coach for me and I was lucky enough to have a choice.

“There are no hard feelings, not from me anyway. I felt bad for Bressie too because the last time I was on the show he turned as well.

“But I have to think about myself and what is best for me and who can take me furthest.

“I know Una [Healy] is pop as well but I just thought Rachel was lovely so I went with her. I could not be happier with my choice.”

Laura, who works part-time in a perfume shop, said she was having a ball on the show.

“It’s different this time round because I am more confident. I went away and really worked on my confidence which was the main thing. 

“In 2014 I had never really done anything before. I was seeing all these amazing singers and I was comparing myself but I was only 18 and just a kid. 

“I was gutted when I was sent home but you have to take these things on the chin and keep at it.

“When I came back this time I knew what not to do. I’m delighted I had another go because I’m after getting this far again and hopefully I will continue on in the competition.”

After losing out last time Laura had a go at The X Factor and got as far as the boot camp. She believes the experience is helping her.

“I have done a lot and I think I can sing anywhere as I have the experience. 

“I can’t make up excuses any more, I just have to go and do it. The Voice came round again and I thought I would go for it.

“I just remember being backstage and thinking, oh my god I can’t believe I’m doing this again.

“It is nerve-wracking. But when the beat started I just closed my eyes to get into the zone and then  I was on my way and the chairs kept turning around.” 

Laura said she was now dreaming of a career in music when the show is over.

“I just want to be on stage all the time and sing everywhere. I love it. I love the life.

“I just hope the best will come out of it and I have a career at the end of it.”