Violent attack set to stun fans in Fair City tonight

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Tensions are high in Fair City tonight
Tensions are high in Fair City tonight

A Fair City stalwart will end up unconscious tonight after a bungled plan ends in violence.

The drama, as it has in recent days for other reasons, surrounds Paul.

The long-running character ends tonight's episode in grave danger after he is knocked out by a blow to head with a vase wielded by Denzo.

The dramatic scene comes at the end of an action-packed episode that sees tensions between the Brennans and the Bishops boils over.

With a plot that involves a fake kidnapping and a bizarre demand by Zumo the mood escalates over the course of the episode.

When Paul threatens to call the guards and tell them that Denzo is back in Carrigstown, things spiral out of control, leaving Paul out of it on the floor.

It is an episode not to be missed.